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A Throwback to Peru, Where it All Started

peru 8 years ago marks the visit to Peru that sparked the beginning of our global foundation! What a journey it’s been! The Peru project has been such an inspiration for keeping the Collette Foundation rooted to its original mission of giving children everywhere — regardless of circumstance — equal access to basic rights and needs like nutrition and education.  Our work with the Hogar de Mercedes de Jesus Molina girls orphanage near Cuzco perfectly captures what the foundation is all about. Happy 8 years to a great project that makes us proud everyday!

Supporting Peruvian Promise


The Collette Foundation’s Peru project, Peruvian Hearts, launched a wonderful program called Peruvian Promise that has been incredibly successful.

This leadership program was created to introduce Smart-Girl curriculum in combination with vocational guidance, opportunities for mentorship and full scholarships to secondary and post-secondary education for a group of 16 girls.

The classroom of girls was chosen based on their academic ability, work ethic, service work, and core values which include integrity, compassion and respect for others.

One of the program’s main goals is to deepen families’ understanding of the value of girls’ education and the power their daughters will have in transforming the lives of their families once they have completed their schooling and have established themselves in a career.

The Collette Foundation looks forward to continuing to support Peruvian Promise as well as Peruvian Hearts, and seeing all that these girls can accomplish!

Warm Wishes

The Collette Foundation received a warming Christmas card this year from our Peruvian site, Hogar de Mercedes de Jesus Molina Orphanage. Partnering with the Peruvian Hearts, the Collette Foundation has been able to support orphaned girls along with providing a daily lunch program allowing for disadvantaged children in the area to receive a hot meal.

The card was directed to the project’s ambassador, Kevin Ferguson. He kindly translated the card to share the kind words.

Season Greetings and thanks for all the support we received from you every time you come to visit our home. Also, the girls join this greeting and send you their fond memories, especially those who are finishing high school in May and are grateful for everything that you have done, because you’re always like a father and a friend that they will never forget. With all these feelings and wishes you a nice Christmas and Happy New Year filled with God’s blessings.

Hermana Yudith

Upon sharing the Christmas card, Ferguson recalled how much he cherished his time spent at the foundation site.

“The girls are growing up in front of my eyes and I still cry (after countless visits) when I leave those kids,” he said.

We love how invested our ambassadors and teams become in their sites and are grateful to have had the opportunity to work alongside the Peruvian Hearts to support Hogar de Mercedes de Jesus Molina Orphanage.

SLIDESHOW: Footsteps through Peru

Christina Darling and Sara Strickland, two Collette Foundation volunteers, recently had an extremely heart-warming experience when visiting Peruvian Hearts, our project in Peru.

Upon their arrival at the all-girls orphanage, they were greeted with warm hugs. The girls held their hands, and told all the travelers in the group their names, age and their goals. Sara and Christina reflected that the girls were so open and honest, so sincere… and the experience was just inspiring. These children aspire to be something – to be successful – and they were really excited to show that.

Christina and Sara were able to see just how these girls live everyday. All the girls were so excited to show everyone around the orphanage- even to just show the visitors where they sleep at night. Then the fun began.

The afternoon was full of singing, dancing, pictures and gift giving. The main gift that was given to the girls were shoes and socks. Something so small, that we take for granted everyday made these girls so happy and appreciative. Both Christina and Sara agreed that it was an amazing experience to have taken part in and they so honored to have been able to meet the girls and be touched by their stories.