Tenderfeet Education Center Nears Completion

After 3 years, living through a war, and countless moves from one temporary location to another the race to the finish line draws near. The roof is on the new permanent location for Tenderfeet, and like the sky, it is blue!

New School

It’s been a long journey for Tenderfeet. Originally located in Kibera, forced to leave due to the 2007 riots…relocated in Riruta, then operating both locations, we are happy to say that we are nearly there!!

We purchase the land for them what seems like ages ago…after a long search it was finalized June 2009. The land was leveled, a contractor chosen and building began in December. The building has gone up very quickly! They are now installing windows and doors, then electricity and flooring and it’ll be complete! Tenderfeet students from both locations will be attending this school starting in May.

Collette visitors will be able to see the new Tenderfeet Education Center beginning with our departure in June!

To learn more about Tenderfeet – click here!


  1. ELIMAN GIBBA 08/09/2012

    My wife and i are on our 3rd event at the Douglas county fair in Oregon and we meet Harry and Julie (Master gardeners and Canning experts) who told us about your organization. It is quiet impressive and we a trying to do the same in the Gambia.
    Our non profit is inspired by our daughter who was killed in a car accident in 2009. To raise funds for our small projects (sponsoring 6 students and 1 adult get a good education and sending seeds for women gardeners and some farmers) we buys and sell bolga baskets handmade in Ghana.
    We hope to someday accomplish our goals and help the people of the Gambia just like you are doing in Kenya.

  2. Foundation Guru 08/09/2012

    I wish you so much luck with your non-profit. It’s a great thing you’re doing. Keep it up!

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