Making Progress in Ecuador

Allison, the ambassador for Ecuador, doing research in La Magdalena

Great news! We have nearly finalized all details for our foundation project in Ecuador. While we are still at step 1, things look great for breaking ground on this project soon! We are working through the Resource Foundation based in New York City which will help facilitate providing the funds directly to the community.

The goal of this project is to fund a medical clinic at La Magdalena — a Karanki indigenous village on Cubilche volcano in Ibarra (Ecuadorian Andean highlands) to house a dental clinic, general practice, and waiting room area. Right now, the building is just an empty structure; it needs proper sanitation facilities set up.

We are currently waiting for the proposal from the local partner with details about how many people the clinic would reach and other specifics. One of our tourism partners in Ecuador and the Galapagos has sponsored this community-based tourism effort from the ground up, building homes, providing access to gas and hot water, building a community center and more. Now the community is ready to accept visits from tourists, for cultural interaction and exchange, even overnight homestays to see how the Karanki indigenous live and help support their village through tourism as a new source of income.

The goal is for the Collette Foundation to complement these efforts;  to continue the development within the community and sponsor projects which will positively impact the lives of the residents and especially the children.

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