The Collette Foundation’s Cultural Connections program is excited to announce a new partnership with Shakespeare’s Birthplace in Stratford-Upon-Avon, United Kingdom. This partnership marks the launch of our first official project in England!

We were so excited to find Shakespeare’s Birthplace — a remarkable program. The children’s programming is outstanding and really touched on a major aspect of the Collette Foundation’s mission – to improve the lives of children. We were looking to partner with a nonprofit organization that allows children to really immerse themselves in a cultural activity that gives them an understanding of their traditions and heritage.  Shakespeare’s Birthplace offers award-winning Heritage Education Programs that allow local primary school classes to visit the property and engage in Shakespeare’s times in a truly authentic setting.

Children who attend the programs spend the school day immersed in Tudor life. They dress in replica Tudor clothing, partake in tasks that Tudor children would have been expected to do (such as making bread and spinning wool), play Tudor games,  attend school lessons as Tudor students would, and more.  There are many testimonials from children indicating that they really enjoy their experiences, with one of the only complaints being the “itchy replica clothing”. On that topic, our partners at the Shakespeare’s Birthplace Trust simply have said, “the experiences here are definitely authentic!”

The Collette Foundation has funded the attendance of 400 students, who would not otherwise be able to afford to participate. These children will participate in the Heritage Education programs beginning in September and running throughout the school year.

As the Collette Foundation rolls our sleeves up in this newest addition to our project roster, we welcome you to learn more when you click here.

Let the Tudor games begin!