South Africa – Love in Numbers


Imagine changing the lives of 6,879 people who desperately needed it? Well, that’s what we’ve done so far — and we are so excited and inspired to do more!

In the 7 years that we’ve had active projects in South Africa, we have delivered 684 hippo rollers to the village of Kgautswane to make access to clean water easy and safe which has impacted 4,700 people in that community. 


In Knysna, we have provided 30 schools with chalk boards, built 1 preschool and impacted the lives of 1,879 children.

These projects have impacted more than 6,879 people and the numbers keep going up. These are just numbers, yes… but what counts is what these numbers really mean. And to the projects that we help in South Africa, the real impact has been life-changing. And that’s what keeps us going.

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