A Successful Match Campaign For Refugee Crisis

Save The Children
The Collette Foundation had a great response to our match campaign to benefit children affected by the refugee crisis in partnership with Save the Children. The Refugee Crisis is large-scale, global issue and our employees as well as our travel community stepped up to deepen our impact in our efforts to help. Initially, the global Collette Foundation donated over $22,000 (amount translated to USD) to Save the Children before announcing a 1 to 1 match of up to $5,000. The campaign elicited $4,086 from employees, travelers and travel partners. Before the campaign wrapped up, Dan Sullivan, Jr., Collette’s President and CEO, and his wife Kathy, donated $25,000 personally in support of the match campaign. This incredible gesture was overwhelming, and brought the full total of our donation to Save the Children to over $56,000! Thank you so much to everyone for sharing the story, engaging and helping those in need. We are so humbled and proud.

How does $56,000 break down:

From Save the Children:

$10 could provide 1,000 gallons of safe drinking water for families fleeing their homes.

$35 can provide a refugee child with nutritious food for a week, including milk and bread.

$60 can provide 2 families with diapers, wipes and supplies to keep children clean and healthy.

$120 is enough to provide a family with a shelter kit including sleeping bags, tents, and flashlights.

The funds provided from the Collette Foundation and our match campaign are keeping lifesaving relief supplies flowing into hard-hit communities and helping protect newly-arriving children’s rights and ensure access to services. Save the Children continues to alleviate needs in the turbulent countries from which children and families are fleeing. It is particularly focused on children who are making this perilous and often chaotic journey unaccompanied by any adult. To date, Save the Children has reached over 3.1 million people – including over 2 million children – in the countries of origin.

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