Appeal for Gathering School Supplies for Mexico

With everything that is happening in Mexico these days, the Mexico task force is asking for assistance. As travelers are not visiting our partner sites they are struggling for materials, such as school supplies and other items. We will be sending these items down to them after they have been collected.

The Collette Foundation has supported the Granja Hogar for 6 years, this year, we are looking to fund the construction of new restroom facilities near the cafeteria, that were damaged over the winter months.

In addition to the normal funding problems and needs, the correct violent situation in Mexico has hit the orphanage hard, as local and international funding has dried up. People are concerned about safety and are not travelling to that region, so La Granja Hogar has not been receiving the small donations that clients usually bring with them.

Speaking with Sister Ana, the current Director of La Granja Hogar, we have been made aware that there is most need for basic supplies, like shoes and pants. Specifically, she requested the following items:

Tennis shoes (or sneakers) for both boys and girls

Pants/shorts (boys and girls)


If you can afford to help out in any way, it is much appreciated! There will be a drop box in each department at headquarters and the department that collected the most supplies will win a catered Mexican lunch!!

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