It all began in Peru.

Dan Sullivan Jr., Collette’s President and CEO, visited Peru in 2006 expecting to be immersed in culture, transformed by beauty and moved by the unique traits that make Peru stand out on the world map. He was not expecting to return home from that trip and launch a nonprofit organization that would forever change the lives of children around the world. During that fateful trip, he spent some time with children from a small Peruvian village who were badly nourished, their diets mainly made up of potatoes. Their school lacked basic supplies, making it difficult for them to truly engage in learning. The experience was eye-opening. Dan had dedicated his life to traveling and giving back – but he had never brought the two passions together. Giving back to the world that gives us so much was simply the right thing to do. And so began the Collette Foundation.


That’s where Collette goes. So that’s where we help. We have projects in Australia, Cambodia, Fiji, Canada, Kenya, Egypt, Peru and South Africa, among other destinations. Our goal with every project is to make life healthier for communities – and especially children. Every child everywhere deserves proper nutrition to give them the best chance at thriving.

Wellness and beyond.

Our projects are personal to us. The people we are helping have become our friends. Some of our funding supports initiatives outside the realm of wellness. That’s why we funded a bus for the children at the Tenderfeet Education Center in Kenya. Without that bus, the children who mean so much to us did not have safe access to their school. Receiving food and proper nutrition is a basic human need and right – so that’s where we start; it’s where we set our global benchmarks. As our relationships with our partners worldwide deepen, so does our scope of work.

The Give 100% Philosophy

Our projects are established and managed by Collette employee volunteers, so the foundation has no administrative or overhead costs, which means that every dollar that donors give to support our global projects goes directly to the projects themselves.


  1. Randy Ross 04/21/2015

    We and a number of people we know are planning to donate. What is the process to donate and get a charitable tax receipt in CANADA?

  2. Betty Bahati 04/21/2015

    Application for consideration for sponsorship by your charity organization

    Dear Sir / madam,
    The Glasgow Educational Centre management, wish to request your charity organization to consider it in your sponsorship programs.

    We shall appreciate whichever form of challenge you may wish to support us
    We look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Yours Sincerely,
    Betty Bahati Matimbai (mrs),
    Principal, Glasgow Educational Centre.
    (+254)722 716 882

  3. Costa Masereka 09/14/2015

    I am writing on behalf of Fair Earth Foundation for Human Weness (FEFO), a charity helping orphans in western Uganda, East Africa. I would like to know the procedures an NGO like my own would need to follow to make a partnership with you.

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