Tenderfeet Education Center, Nairobi

A place of hope and happiness.

Meet Mama Margaret

Tenderfeet was founded by a passionate woman named Margaret who wanted to build a school to aid orphans and vulnerable children of pre-school age in Nairobi, Kenya. At this school, she is called “Mama Margaret.” She has worked tirelessly for more than 20 years to create a safe place and a positive environment for the young students. Tenderfeet strives to instill these children with strong values, provide them with an opportunity for an education and give them a strong sense of self-worth. The love the children receive from Mama Margaret and the Tenderfeet teachers is an added bonus.

Changing the lives of children

Originally, Tenderfeet was located in Kibera, a slum in Nairobi. We supported a food program that provided a healthy meal for the students each day. In June of 2009, Tenderfeet moved to Riruta for the well-being of the children. With our help, a new school was built. Today the Tenderfeet students have a safe, secure and happy school environment where they have the opportunity to enjoy nutritious meals and build brighter futures by receiving an education.

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  1. Sherry Stone 04/17/2015

    I have been having $50 per month taken out of my PayPal account to support Tenderfeet. I received notice from PayPal that you have not been responding to accept my donation at all this year. I sure want to help those kids, since my husband and I visited them in Nov, 2012, with Msgr. Craig and our church via Cruise and Land Holidays through Collette Vacations. Should I just reset how I do the donations again? Thank you.

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