Knysna Education Trust – Knysna, South Africa

The Knysna Education Trust was formed with the mission to provide children at least one hot meal daily as well as proper preschool care that gives them the tools and equal opportunities for entering primary school. The Trust aims to protect these children from the burdens of physical and mental abuse, and ultimately HIV, by giving them care in a safe and positive environment.

One Preschool at a Time

Recently, the Collette Foundation funded the building of a new preschool in the township, The Little Rascals School. The Trust supports 29 preschools in the Knynsa Township area. With support, the Trust is able to educate their preschool teachers, enhance the schools with running water and proper classroom materials, and provide a nutritious meal every day to every young student.

Hippo Water Rollers – Kgautswane, South Africa

In South Africa, water is life. Millions of people worldwide are forced to walk long distances on a daily basis to collect the water needed for their families. The Collette Foundation supports rural communities in South Africa through a partnership with the Hippo Water Rollers Project. In most communities, the water is collected from afar and carried by women in small buckets on their heads. The hard, exhausting task not only leads to injury but simply does not provide enough clean water to support their families.

“Water Is Life”

Hippo Water Rollers were designed to alleviate the problem of accessing clean, drinkable water. These barrel-shaped containers hold, transport and store 90 liters (24 gallons) of water. The rollers are safe and easy to use. Children and the elderly are able to operate a full roller over any terrain. The use of Hippo Rollers in these remote villages allows for approximately five times the amount of water to be collected in far less time.

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