A Young Girl Creates a Legacy

In 2003, Ana Dodson was 11 years old and decided to visit an orphanage near the town in Peru where she was born. The experience changed her life forever. She, too, had been an orphan, and meeting these little girls who had never before even had visitors at their orphanage made her feel blessed… and determined to find a way to give back to these girls in any way that she could. She promised the girls she would never forget about them and she has kept that promise.

Hogar de Mercedes de Jesus Molina Orphanage, Peru

The Collette Foundation supports the Hogar de Mercedes de Jesus Molina Orphanage, located in the Sacred Valley of Peru, through a long-running partnership with Peruvian Hearts. Peruvian Hearts is an organization committed to improving the lives of Peruvian girls by giving them the tools to build brighter futures. Hogar de Mercedes houses about twenty orphan girls, and focuses on education and health, which together provide the tools necessary for the girls to continue on to higher education.

A Healthy Meal

The Hogar de Mercedes also runs a large lunch program for disadvantaged children in the local community. Each day, nearly ninety children are fed a hot lunch at the Hogar – this often making up their only hot meal of the day. Since our partnership began, we have supported the lunch program and funded the building of a new dining room and shower facility the orphanage.

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  1. Teresa Thomsen 04/11/2015

    I recently visited the orphanage in the Sacred Valley on a recent trip with Collette to Machu Picchu. My heart was touched. They had so little. I came home wanting to go to Goodwill and send clothes for the 5 girls who now reside there permanently. I have corresponded with the orphanage directly hoping to put a plan in place. I have since found that I cannot ship used clothing, albeit in excellent condition, to Peru. So, my question to you: Is there something else, besides obviously money, that I CAN do?

    I am retired; my husband is a retired school teacher so I was hoping to use the funds I do have to clothe these girls. Would our tour guide Sergio or one of the others take an extra suitcase full of clothes when they go on tour? I know that Sergio, for example, travels only with a carry-on bag. An extra bag could travel at no expense.

    I don’t know; is there a solution?

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