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Giving $17,500 to Local Canada Partner

PCYI & Collette Foundation Check Presentation

We are excited to donate $10,000 to the Peel Children’s Centre (PCC) and $7,500 to Peel Children and Youth Initiative (PCYI).

Our contribution to Peel Children’s Centre will aid children with behavioural and/or anxiety challenges as well as to their families that would not otherwise be able to benefit from traditional care.

Established in 1984, Peel Children’s Centre serves the mental health treatment needs of children and youth (from birth to 17 years) living in the Region of Peel. Collette’s funding is earmarked toward the nonprofit’s Strongest Families Program, which provides faster access to high quality service by offering family “help at home” using cost-effective, evidence-based interventions delivered by a team of highly trained coaches from a call-centre base.

Collette’s funding toward PCYI will help offset the costs for its second annual Peel Youth Leaders Conference. The conference, held during the summer, offers training for young people in Peel that guide them in taking meaningful leadership roles in their community.

PEEL Youth Leaders – Canada

With our support and funding, PCYI hosted its first Peel Youth Leaders Conference on July 23, 2013, to build the capacity of young people in Peel to take on meaningful leadership roles in our community. Participants included PCYI’s Youth Advisory Council members, and other youth leaders, or aspiring leaders, in the region.

Stanley Park Project Rolling Out

Customers traveling with Collette to Canada this Fall have been in for a nice surprise. Step-on guides from The Stanley Park Ecology Society (SPES) in Stanley Park have been joining them to discuss their mission to connect all people, especially children, with nature regardless of economic circumstance or social condition.

The guide gives a general tour of the park and speaks about the ecology of the park and the projects that are supported by the Collette Foundation. The feedback from travelers has been that they loved the enthusiasm and commentary the SPES staff shared with them.

Members of SPES with Brett Walker, the Collette Foundation ambassador for this project

The Collette Foundation is so excited to partner with SPES to promote nature education and conservation in Stanley Park. SPES hosts thousands of school children and other groups in the park for eco adventures which examine the principles of ecology in a most hands-on way. With the assistance of the foundation, SPES has been able to reduce or eliminate the fees for all of Public Education programs. Specialized projects combining nature and the arts, have been created to connect children to nature in non-traditional ways.